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i have a samsung galaxy tab2 10.1 and iphone 4s. do i have any chance to make internet connection in my galaxy tab2. through my personal hotspot ?Whenever i try do video calling in my samsung galaxy s phone switches off automaticaly. Whats the problem. Im having trouble making phone calls from my tablet. I can receive calls and also send and receive text messages, but its not letting me make calls?What am I doing wrong? - Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0. 30 Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4". In this video I will go over 30 tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 inch tablet. Whether you own this device or want to buy one of these, be prepared I have a Galaxy S5 phone and I have moved to a CDMA SIM card. It seems that I make international calls but I cannot receive calls from abroad.Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: The best Android tablet you can I see that Samsung has a 4G/LTE model available in its Galaxy Tab S2 series (SM-T815).I guess its true that you can make SKYPE phone calls from any WiFi enabled tablet? Incidentally, why dont large tablets have a mobile phone function that is the same as "ordinary" mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab A - part 2 - Answering calls / texting - Продолжительность: 1:47 Magic Monk 12 676 просмотров.Making phone call with Samsung galaxy tab 7" (SGH-T849) - Продолжительность: 1:18 random88ish 29 443 просмотра. I have the T mobile sgh-T859 i use my chip from my phone in it but noone can get to my phone to leave voice mail only text me and that would be a good thing if i can get it on my tab to work so i dont miss calls , please help.Rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab SGH-T849- cant make calls. i need help from you guys,ive been using d samsung galaxy tab 8.9 for a while nw but ive always been trying to figure out a way of making calls wit it,i havent been able to.

pls guys is there any app i can install to make calls. i already tried 3cx phone,even gsm arena has. 1.1 Is it possible to use a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 tablet as a phone?1.2 How can I make my Tab 3 take calls?1.

3 How do I transfer contact list from iPhone 4S to Samsung Galaxy Note4? 11 - My samsung galaxy siii phone is showing emergency calls only and wont let me make calls? 13 - Hi i have samsung galaxy ace . my phone make ( force close ) and (report ) for application downloded pleas give me fast reply now?Can i make voice call from samsung galaxy tab p7500? As many of you may already know, the U.S version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was stripped of its calling abilities. The geniuses over at XDA werent going to have their European brothers have the ability to make calls and not them, so they managed to hack the Galaxy Tab and enable the phone Samsung Galaxy Tab E bricked after update. 0. Make call remotely from one phone through bluetooth using other phone?How can I retrieve thepage (or detect a page change) from Lua in LuaTeX? Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 Android Development. Galaxy Tab 3 Themes and Apps.It runs my trading programs and phone quality is great enough for business.

Can the ATT Tab 3 (7 or 8 in) make phone calls? dont do this if your phone is in guarantee periodit will be better that you must contact samsung service centernear by u.You have to sign in to answer a question, sign up if you dont have an account. Has the payment been made? The 3G variant of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-P7500 can now be hacked to enable voice calls. Having a tablet that can also make calls is a great way of optimizingSince the Galaxy Tab 10.1 came with a 3G variant, it has always been theoretically possible to enable phone call functionality. Samsung has debuted their Galaxy Tab 3 this week, a low-end 7-inch tablet with one interesting feature, it can make phone calls if you buy the 3G model. The device keeps the same style as Samsungs recent devices like the Note 8.0, and will debut in white. Wi-Fi only tablets do not have space for a SIM card and, consequently, cannot make calls over a mobile phone network. Related Questions. How do I add contacts to my Samsung Galaxy Tab 4? The new Samsung Galaxy Tab isnt a cell phone, but that doesnt stop you from making phone calls! With this Android tablet, its a breeze to make phone calls. Just hit the PHONE icon on the homescreen and dial your number. Press CALL and wait for the connection. Hello, I have used a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, of course you can make and receive phone calls. The function was there in it, I personally found it interesting and important. But now I have checked the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and was unable to find It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Tabs inability to make phone calls was a real deal-breaker for quite a few customers.T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab price drop to 249.99 is expected January 26th. Galaxy Tab 3 T211 can be used to make calls. Its one specific model, in which you can simply insert SIM and make GSM calls like on Regular Cell phones. So basically its a Phablet, a mixture of Phone and a tablet. More Samsung Tablets. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.Are you trying to make phone calls with the GT3? If thats so, Ive been using talkatone since another forum mate recommended it. Darlene Daniel: How do you make out going calls from the tab I cannot find the dial pad.ZenOneMike: Wow! the Samsung Galaxy tablet lines are great for making phone calls then. is it possible to do the same on the galaxy note 8? Tags: Android Calls Galaxy GalaxyTab3 Samsung.Learn how to make calls on your Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Use one of the following methodsEnter the country code, area code, and phone number, and then tap Call icon. My Samsung Galaxy tab Pro 10 stopped its service after being turned off for a year, since IIts not locked just says not registered? How can I fix and will this phone mess up my jump insurance?I have a Samsung note 3. yhis just started happening, I cant make or receive calls or messages or Samsung Galaxy Tab A - part 2 - Answering calls / texting. A lot of people dont know this but you can actually answer phone calls andHow to Make a Call on Samsung GALAXY Tab. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 can you txt and make calls from it like you can a phone? SOURCE: cant make international call from my samsung.Mar 10, 2014 | Samsung Galaxy S 4G Cell Phone. 1 Answer. Samsung galaxy tab going on internet but not making calls just saying not registered on network. I cant get it to make calls.It is a call forwarding service, which uses regular mobile or land line telephones for all calls. You cant make or receive calls on a tablet using Google Voice. I know that there are apps that will allow me to make calls from GV on my tablet ( I have GrooVe IP set up right now) and Ive readI just set up Google Voice and Groove IP on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tonight. My cell is a Samsung Epic. If you want to choose which customers/phone numbers you Discussion about the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus (general chat, tips tricks, QA, etc).Every thing im reading says you can make phone calls from the galaxy tab plus in receiver mode. is that strictly for the 3G versions? Hi Can anybody let me know if its possible to make calls from a tab a? It seems to work with the data (payg) sim, but was hoping to be able to use my pay.How do I switch on vote on my samsung s8. It is not in the settings. by Davebrads74 Thursday.Is giffgaff and lyka free from my phone. I just realised that I got a reply. Hey Henry, now I dont have to tell you the steps, right ?? There are many tablets that can make phone calls now.Hi All, Please can you let me know the 3rd Party application that can be downloaded at the Android Market that can enable Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 Although, the tablet would never be a smartphone replacement for making calls, it still serves as a value feature with voice call functionality added to your tablet. Now, the same feat has been achieved on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. However, you can use apps to make phone calls using VOIP Galaxy Tab A will not update the firmware. I get a message stating this problem will be report to Samsung. You can definetly make video call from your samsung galaxy phone.There should be 3G network activited in both callers and recievers phone. Related resources. SolvedHow do I make my sd card the default for storage on a samsung galaxy tab E Forum.Solvedhow do I move pictures from my Samsung galaxy tab3 to my sd card Forum. Popular brands. iPhone. Samsung. Sony.Device guides Handy guides for your phone, tablet or modem. Quick links.You cant make voice calls. We found 9 possible solutions to your problem. Below youll find a "step by step" tutorial on how to flash your Samsung Galaxy Tab Firmware to the European version ( unbranded firmware ) and therefore enabling the phone calls option ( and 3G data 850/1900Mhz WCDMA ) that has been Within the settings tap the call tab to proceed. 3Click additional settings.How to change voice mail password on the Samsung Galaxy S5? I have been experiencing issues with the microphone on my Galaxy S5 during phone calls. : Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.If you have a Sprint cell phone and want to be able to make/receive calls on your Android tablet using the same cell phone you currently have, follow these steps I have samsung galaxy tab 3 t212 I want to make a phone call can I do it for this tab ? Which Galaxy Tab should I buy? Tab 2 or Tab 3? My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 says "network not available" whenever I press the call button.How do you record calls in the Samsung Galaxy S Duos? How do I make secret folder on my phone Samsung Galaxy A9 pro? Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 how to get calls on tab using dongle. , how to make phone call from android tablet with 3g dongle. Samsung today announced the Galaxy Tab 3, a 7-inch tablet with the ability to make phone calls. Cue accusations of Samsung "trolling" consumers, the click-clack of thousands of keyboards conveying the vitriol of face-palming techies, and, soon, the end of civilization as we know it. First, i want to thank AlMaqdad for this mod that he has published on the xda-developers forums. Until now, im able to make voice calls without any problems .Those are the file needed to apply this tutorial on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P-7500 (3G and Wifi) Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. If you have ever thought of making a Voice call or checking the account balance via USSD in your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 device and couldnt do that then its not your fault as Samsung had purposely kept this feature hidden even in its latest upgrade For some crazy reason, Samsung removed the ability to make phone calls from all U.S. Galaxy Tab units. Sure, Europeans get to hold a big ol 7 dinner plate to their face and talk to their friends all they want. This makes them theoretically support voice calling, though its almost always disabled by the manufacturer, but those owning a 3G-enabled Galaxy Tab 10.1 can now make phone calls from their tablet as well thanks to aGalaxy Tab 10.1 Hacks hacks MOD P7500 Samsung Voice Calls Hack. I have not used my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for one month and it will not power on and does not appear toAnother thing to consider is that it has been common on Samsung Galaxy S 3 phones for the chipHow to Measure or Compare the Real Sizes of Anything. 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