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Java client platforms. Framework. JSF. Web portals. UI.Hi everyone, I am new to jsp from an asp background. I need information on how to access querystring parameters in jsp. in Asp it would be something like this Out of the box, JSF got this right. All forms are posted back to the original View ID.keep RESTful URLs and query strings. String action (String) request .getAttribute(. In this recipe, you can see a quick method of retrieving parameters from JSF code. Getting ready We have developed this recipe with NetBeans 6.8, JSF 2.0, and GlassFish v3.

The JSF 2.0 classes were obtained from the NetBeans JSF 2.0 bundled library. How to do it Here is the way, how we get request parameters from a JSP page (which is JSF enabled) in a HTTP request object. Where formName is refer to the id of your form.Opinion and news on technology that matters. Getting request parameters in JSF. String countrry params.get("country") JSF f:param example. Heres a JSF 2.0 application, to show the use of f:param tag in both h:commandButton and h:outputFormat componenets. In this case, you may need the tag, which can be used to add query string name-value pairs to a request, or put simply, to send request parameters.First, lets focus on the first block of code: here, JSF gets the request parameters values by their names (playernameparam and The UIViewRootgetViewId() returns the JSF view ID. You need to use HttpServletRequestgetRequestURI() to obtain the current request URI and HttpServletRequestgetQueryString() to obtain the current request query string How can I get query string values in JavaScript?in a JSF facelet page (.xhtml) I have this javascript code.