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Ps3 super slim Very good condition work fine just no cable no hard drive no remote. Trafford Ps3 slim with 2 pads all leads and 8 games. This is in full working order, however I must advise that the Playstation 3 does make significant noise Why wont my ps3 play discs? PlayStation 3 Slim.The PS3 Slim is not backwards compatible with PS2 games, and lacks some other features that were included on the original version of the PS3. PS3 Slim cant play PS2 games. Enjoy exclusive PlayStation3 games and exciting PS3 features.In terms of, can you play any PS2 games on a PS3 slim, yes there are some. Kotaku story as example. PS3 games on PSP and PS Vita section is at the bottom. This is my own uploaded games collection.Now its PS2 games turn. First, download the below package, it has exdata, klicense folders, PS2 place holder and reActPSN3.20 pkgs. Although the PS3 slim is not backward compatible with PS2 disc based games, but PS2 games purchased from the PlayStation store works. The PS2 game that I played in this video is Contra Shattered Soldier.

The PS3 that I used is a slim 250GB model. Aug 19, 2009 How to Play PS2 Games on Your PlayStation 3 Without Any Extra by purchasing and downloading the games available on theplay both PS1 and PS2 gamesClick on the following link to download the pre-tested BIOS filesHow To: Softmod your slim silver PS2 All Forums UNDERGROUND Gaming Discussion Official Cobra ODE Support Forum Game Backup (ISOs) Discussion. Playing newest games on 4.53 with PS3 Super- Slim. Discussion in Game Backup (ISOs) Discussion started by clublek, Feb 21, 2014. PS3Hax PS3Hax PS3Hax Primal NTSC-U/C SCUS-97142 Not Working CEX MiralaTijera 4.2 Rogero 4.2 Rebug 4. Its the game/emulators fault.30 V2.2looks like an old football game.bin produces a black screen after ps2 logo Yes PS3 Slim CECH-2101A . but has graphical corruption issues. Hi everyone do you ever wonder why the PS3 Slim only plays the PS1 Backwords not and PS2 Games (the patch only plays certian games on PS2 not all of them) Well I have a Theroy Playstation Network PS1 Classics.

Enter your games name and check the type of BC PS3 you have at Sonys Backwards Game Compatibility / Support page to determine what problems (if any) have been encountered). KamikazeKenny posted on 1/4/2011 at 2:28:59 PM. Unfortunately the PS3 slim is not backwards compatible. Only first generation PS3s are. However, there are still quite a few PS2 games that you can download from the Playstation Store, and there are plenty of HD collections of PS2 games for PS3. USB Hub Expandar for PS3/PS3 Slim Game Console 5 Ports USB 2.0 Extended Adapter with LED Indecator for PlayStation3/Slim Console. How to Play PS2 Games on Your PlayStation 3 Without Any Extra. How to Use a mod disk on a PS2 How to Softmod your slim PS2 How toI recently purchased a 120GB PS3 slim and understand that there is no backwards compatibility with it. Silver Sony PS2 SLIM PlayStation 2 Console Game System Used Complete Bundle Lot.PS2 Sony playstation 2 slim SCPH-900001 w/ controllers 4 games ships quick! Read also: How to inject PS3 games on OFW version without Jailbroken.Your can find your PlayStation model on the bottom. There is no another solution. Some people say use E 3 flasher to jailbreak super slim. Listing Of the PS3 Game Consoles with their original hard drive capacity.CECH-40xxB. PAL NTSC. Slim Model Playstation 3 Slim Phat Model Playstation 3 Fat (Phat) Super Slim New PS3 Super Slim. PlayStation 2 Console Slim - Black by just because a PS3 is fat does NOT mean it can play PS2 games. there is a fat 40GB and 80GB and neither of them play PS2 games. the only models 19 Aug 2009 The Bad Lacks backward support for PS2 games So I ask of you, is there ANY way possible for me to play PS1 and PS2 games on a slim PS3?possible duplicate of Can you play PlayStation 1 games on the PlayStation 3? user3389 Apr 15 12 at 6:33. add a comment |. Can the PS3 Slim play PS2 games? At the moment, no.Is there an app on ps3 slim that lets you play ps2 games? Older PS3 Models with 4 USB ports will play PS2 games as seen on related PlayStation network link. Using a ps3 slim, and get unsupported data. I dont have PS2 System Data.PSX-Place. Home Forums > PlayStation 3 Forums > General PS3 Discussion >. PS2 Games on PS3. Discussion in General PS3 Discussion started by TimmyRiggie, Oct 23, 2016. when ps3 super slim jailbreak will release?It is already possible to load backups on 4.81 OFW on superslim, only really old games, or any game if it is data transferred from a CFW PS3. Home Forums Platforms Playstation 3 PS3 Customization and Homebrews.Cant u download an application from the psn store called ps2 save utility? Because i know sony made an application to be able to play ps2 games. i got a ps3 slim with no psx controller ports. i still got alot of gun games for psx and ps2, i can remember there were more cables then just the controller cable i think the yellow video was also used. i dont know how to do this with ps3?!?!? Why wont my PS3 play ps2 games? I guess you could pick up a ps2 slim for. PS3 | Unleash essential entertainment that say if i download the PS2 system data thing from the Playstation Store, it will allow me to play my PS2 games on my PS3. I have both a PS2 and a PS3 (both are the slim models).Anyways, which is the best choice for PS1 games PS3 or PS2? Oh, and my PS 2 is connected via component cables HDMI for PS3. So I have a PS3 slim I think its 250 or 320GB I cant remember right now. My question is can I play PS1 games on it like actually put the disc in and play itI know PS2 doesnt work for the slim models but Im not sure about the PS1 disc. Only ps3 slim? No love for the fat ps3?Better yet, I hope the next generation Playstation (PS4) will also allow for PS3, PS2, and PS1 games to be played by the discs. Some PlayStation 3s can play PS2 games, and some cant, so how do you know if your PS3 is PlayStation 2 backward compatible or not?These are also bigger than the PS3 Slim, have a shiny finish, and the word "PlayStation 3" written on top. Absolutely NOT, no current PlayStation 3 model on store shelves, including the new slim model can play PS2 games. The only models that can are the 20GB, 60GB and 80GB (all of these 3 models have 4 USB ports on the front which indicates they play PS2 games ) The 80 GB PS3 supports PS2 games through software emulation along with the 60 GB PAL model. The PS3 Slim has hard drives that range in size between 120 and 320 GB and only supports PS2 games available for download from the PlayStation Network (PSN). All PS3 slim cannot play PS2.supposedly, sony didnt want ps2 game sales to be competing with those of the ps3, so they removed ps2 bc entirely. since the next playstation will not have cell, as stated by sony, its unlikely it will be bc with ps3 games. u should expect less and less compatibility How To Play Ps2 Games On Any Ps3 With Ps2classics Gbatemp Net.Playstation 3 Slim Review Late 2017 Is The Third Time A Charm. Need Details On Ps2 And Ps3 Longevity Game Consoles. Many people want the PS3 to play Playstation two games, and you know what, thats possible and will probably happen in the future on the system, let me explain.Sony can easily allow users to play PS2 software in a software update on the PS3 Slim. Simple is not it. Play PS2 GAMES ISO On PS3 Without Convert Requirements PS3 Fat / Slim CFW USB DISC Multiman - PS3 CFW Link : httpIt cannot play ps2 game discs. However you can download ps2 classics from the PlayStation network for a small fee. How To: Softmod your slim silver PS2. How To: Convert Play Your Old PlayStation 1 (PS1) Games on Your Nexus 7 Tablet. How to Walkthrough BIONICLE: The Game for the PlayStation 2. Remember those famous pictures of the PS3 Slim?The 60G PS3 models had PS2 compatability, and Sony will now give us a software emulator to play PS2 games on all Playstation 3 Models. The ZedLabz vertical stand for PS3 Super Slim is designed to provide an attractive space saving solution for your Playstation 3 games console. The stand provides stability when standing your super sli The Game has been released as a official "PS2 Classics on PS3" Title from Sony available at the PlayStation Store.Game require config file to boot. ( Emulator Configuration ) - Otherwise, complete shutdown after PS2 Boot logo on PS3 Slim! This is proof that the PS3 Slim can play PS1 games, but not PS2. the Playstation 3 Slim models Can play. play PS1 games on Playstation Console!!!!NEW.Can ps3 slim really play ps2 games? Options. Mark as New Bookmark. Play PS2 games on your ps3 slimNOT!Playstation 3s dirty little secret! Sony: Market-Boosting Slim PS3 Will Phase Out Old Models. With three key changes to its guts, the new PlayStation 3 is more cost-efficient and poised to"And its not just like 50 or 60 percent. Its well into the 80 or 90 percentile range who are purchasing it for PS3 [games].

If your PS3 is not compatible with PS2 discs, you can find many popular games on the PlayStation Store.Only some fat PS3s are backwards compatible, but not all of them are. The " slim" and "super slim" models are not backwards compatible. This is pure heaven, the best Contra game alongside Contra: Hard Corps by far.DANIEL HERNANDEZ REYES: esta version del juego para ps3 incluye la funcion de vibracion? bobexr 3: I purchased it from the PlayStation store. Just play your ps2 games on pcsx 2 people. They have full flawless emulation for 99 percent of games now (more than on ps3) with perfect ps3 controller support.Hey OP, what model is your PS3? edit: Missed the slim part, nvm. The PlayStation 3 video game console has been produced in various models during its life cycle. At launch, the PlayStation 3 was available with either a 20, 40, 60, or 80 GB hard disk drive in the US and Japan, priced from US499 to US599 and with either a 40, 60, or 80 GB hard disk drive in Europe So many people have been searching for a good tutorial that will enable them to play PS2 games on their PS3. I did research for a long time and after many trial and errors I finally got it down in proper steps. Sony have confirmed that the PS3 Slim will never get PlayStation 2 backward compatibility.According to the exec, Sony is concentrating on serving PS3 games and Blu-ray movies, which are apparently the main reason people are now buying the console. Ive still a few ps2 games I havent brought myself to give up. Id like to play these games again without having to buy another ps2 or wait for a re-release.I have SSX tricky. I hope they add emulator to ps3 slim. Sony PlayStation 3, or PS3, is in possession of in-built Wi-Fi, offers immense storage for games, music, videos, and pics, shows movies in high-definition, and offersAre you in possession of PS3 slim? If at all you want to play PS2 games on your PS3 slim, then it might come as a disappointment. The PS3 Slim has been at the eye of a massive rumor storm for months, but now that Sony has finally made it official its time to bring.Thats right, the PS3 Slim cannot play PlayStation 2 games, but some PlayStation games will work.