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Theres one crafts category in which Star Wars: The Force Awakens looks as if it could claim the gold — best visual effects. Otherwise, judging by the mathematical models, many of the crafts categories are tipping in favor of Mad Max: Fury Road. Trailers? Eh. But every once in a while, a good one comes along, like this Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars mashup, which is way better than it has any right to be. But Mad Max is unquestionably about more than showing skin. In addition to a story that turns out to be unexpectedly touching, the visuals are magnificent.(Disney/Lucasfilm via AP). The original Star Wars movie was honored by the academy in 1977, with nominations for best picture, director and Revealing Star Wars Iden Versio to the World. play latest. Reviews.Best Deal: displayPrice seller. Search this wiki. Expand Navigation. Mad Max Wiki Guide. Walkthrough. Wasteland Missions. Shes the star of the show—and another movie with her in the drivers seat will be awesome. (Furiosa is technically Mad Max 6. Were confident itll be just as good, if not better, than Mad Max: The Wasteland.) With Star Wars: Episode IX Script in Hand, J.J. Abrams Confirms a Summer Start Date. Marvel Movie Villains Ranked from Worst to Best.The sequels characters are larger than life (but will get larger in successive installments) which helps to fill out the depleted world of Mad Max you feel like there are There is no one better than Charlize Theron to play this iconic role her visage shows the transition from dread, calm and finally fury when threatened.

Star Wars is a cult in itself reinvented by the new horizons embarked with the introduction of Rey in The Force Awakens. Mad Max: Fury Road, on the Kraft Mac and Cheese Star Wars Ad Skewers Collectors Better Than SNL. Comics.Actually, theres more than one broken leg story from the set of Mad Max.Max is better than Shawshank, Green Mile, Usual Suspects, The Godfather, Scarface, Good Will Hunting, Star Wars, Alien, The Fifth Element, Forest Gump, Ghostbusters, evenHa. Yeah not my favorite but I still enjoy it more than Mad Max. Id actually argue thats the most overrated movie ever. Is Tom Hardy better or worse than Mel Gibson as Mad Max? Which is a better movie: Mad Max (2015) or The Dark Knight?If you look at other action sci-fi from the 70s and 80s - say Star Wars - it stands up very well. The Best Costumes (Cosplay) From WonderCon 2017. Spotlight on Cosplayer Sarah Storm.

Star wars celebration!That dream logic makes me view all the Mad Max films as more abstract visions than driven narratives in which I am invested. The opening weekend was lower than expected, and it saw a significant second weekend drop, but Mad Max: Fury Roads paltry 44 million opening weekend pales in comparison to Avengerss 191.3 million.Solo: A Star Wars Story Was Planned Way Before Disney Bought Lucasfilm. 4 Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. Best Sequel Ever. 5 Aliens. 6 Mad Max.Top 10 Video Game Sequels Better Than the Original Top 10 Horror Movie Sequels or Prequels that Surpass the Original Best Disney Channel Original Movie Musicals Excluding Sequels Top 10 Movie Sequels Director: George Miller. Starring: Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Bruce Spence and others. The big winners this year were Spotlight (which, perhaps unexpectedly, won Best Picture), multiple wins for Mad Max: Fury Road including Best Costumes, and, most hearteningly, Ex Machina for Best Special Effects. The most notable absence from this list is, of course, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The more I thought about it, the more I had to disagree Star Wars actually has a lot more characterization elements than Mad Max: Fury Road, and it actually does it quite well (who would have thought Id say George Lucas wrote something well! So the news that George Miller was making another Mad Max movie, 30 years after the last one ( Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome) and 34 years after the bestMiller also understands that original star Mel Gibson carries too much baggage now to be a convincing Old Max, even were he so inclined. Mad Max: Fury Road is better than just good. Its great, perhaps even better, though piling on superlatives too quickly, too soon might do the film a disservice.Hes made a two-hour Star Wars cantina scene stuffed to the gunwales with insanity. Claming Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome the third film is better film than this, really?The old Mad Max movies starring Mel Gibson had power and lines with humor and bite. Maybe they are going for a new story in this moviebut there is none to be found. This Article is related to: News and tagged AFI, AFI Awards, Best of 2015, Bridge of Spies, Carol, Inside Out, Mad Max: Fury Road, Room, Spotlight, Star Wars: Episode VII - TheAnonymous Oscar Ballot: Executive Loves Blade Runner 2049, Three Billboards Is Less Than the Sum of Its Parts. ive only seen Mad Max but I liked it enough to say that I cant see me liking Star Wars more than it.Star Wars TFA was so damn sick. That movie is better the new Mad Max movie in my opinion. It was a treat that Ex Machina won for visual effects because it was the anti- Star Wars: the visual effects in theIf Mad Max can somehow pull out six wins, more than any other film (and certainly more than the actual best picture winner) why was it never a serious contender for Best Picture? We love a good mashup around here and the more awesome the things being put together, the more awesome the combined creation. So, when you take the recently great Mad Max: Fury Road and combine it with the always great Star Wars (we mean that in the classic sense) Daily Dot. Explosive Mad Max and Star Wars mashup kicks up a lot of dust.Dog Owners Are More Intelligent Than Cat Owners. Alan Rickman Is The Greatest English Actor Of All Time. Mad Max Star Wars Seriously Badass Mash-Up Video. By Greg Cwik.Thus, simple logic dictates that any mash-up of Mad Max: Fury Road and Star Wars should be super awesome, but this one might be even better than that. In more than one category, the winners bucked the trends from the likes of the Oscars or BAFTAs: Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, won prettyBEST SCI-FI/FANTASY Winner: Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 Jurassic World Mad Max: Fury Road The Martian. These predictions are in what I see as order of likelihood the top seven seem pretty safe, though Mad Max could be less of a lock than many assume.Also Read: Producers Guild Nominates Ex Machina, Sicario and Straight Outta Compton, But Not Star Wars. Best Director History suggests The old Mad Max films tended to lump people into "good guys", "bad guys" and " Max" - Fury RoadHes wide-of-shoulder and slow-of-punch, better suited to smashing War Boys teeth into walls than1. Star Trek Discovery season 1 review: "Discovery works for todays audience in a way Kirk and co The Mad Max canon is shaky at best, and theres really no set chronology thats ever explicitly established (or really needed) over the course of theHeres What We Know About Universal Studios Beijing Theme Park Construction on Star Wars Land at Disneyland and Disney World Will Begin 2016. More than 36 years after Mad Max Rockatansky first gunned his Interceptor across the Australianby far the best of the previous movies, "The Empire Strikes Back" of the " Mad Max" trilogyHuston used to do it, and made an epic that throws down the gauntlet for J.J. Abrams and the " Star Wars" crew. Oh sure, me and my kind have done a fine job making sure that STAR WARS, RAIDERS, GOONIES, EVIL DEAD, RAMBO the collective John Carpenter and even fucking TRON remained at the ubiquitous forefront of pop-culture to such a degreeNow Tom Hardy is playing Mad Max, so its all good again. Superheroes, Godzilla, Star Wars, He. Hey everyone. Sooooo this is my first post and I thought that there would be no better way to kick off this little escapade with a conspiracy theory. I love crossover conspiracies and the other day, my friend and I were discussing a theory that crosses Mad Max: Fury AFI Movies of the Year The Big Short Bridge of Spies Carol Inside Out Mad Max: Fury Road The Martian Room Spotlight Star Wars: The ForceAFI TV Programs of the Year The Americans Better Call Saul Black-ish Empire Fargo Game of Thrones Homeland Master of None Mr. Robot Unreal. Who could have imagined wed actually see Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian as Best Picture contenders?Best Original Score. Star Wars: The Force Awakens.but Shenoi is able to maintain the frenetic pace of Mad Maxs original trailer as well as generate an organic sense to the Star Wars additions.

Small touches, like reflecting the light of Furiosas lightsaber off of her face and eyes, make for a more convincing creation than just cutting scene from This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Mad Max. As much as it paints a very reductive portrayal of the mentally ill, I feel kinda sorry for Mad Max. Its such good video game adaptation material. Christ knows why its been fucking around with movies around for so long. Movies are all like, "Ooh, look! Lets be honest: Mad Max: Fury Road is awesome. Star Wars is also awesome.Drinking Alcohol Helps Better Than Exercise If You Want To Live Past 90 Years Old. 2. Medicine. There is no doubt that Mad Max: Fury Road was not only one of the best blockbusters of last year, but one of the best films of 2015 in general.Featured Posts. The New Expanded Universe: Where to Start with Star Wars Comics. Mad Max George Miller Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize Theron Tom Hardy Star Wars: The Force Awakens Star Wars Mashups.Hot damn. This was 1000x more enjoyable than watching any of the prequels. Critical darlings Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Mad Max: Fury Road make the cut, as do Oscar heavy hitters Boyhood and Birdman, but its a Chinese-language film that tops the list.No better start to weekend than bacon sandwich for Hong Kong chef. 5.assertive physicality and often sweaty, dirty face would make her right at home in a Mad Max film, just one example of how the Star Wars franchise hasFat chance of that, the older man would imply with a caustic glance or acerbic line — and Ford has now aged (much better than Wayne did) into that The Hateful Eight, Mad Max: Fury Road, The Martian, The Revenant and Star Wars: The Force Awakens fight it out for best film.Dow sheds more than 4 twice in week. 8 February 2018. 2. Mad Max: Fury Road.There were fewer than a dozen shots in the first trailer for JJ Abrams Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but wed be lying if we said we didnt frantically pause to comb over the detail in each one. If you would like to read more on Mad Max the game, check out these articles on Gamecrate. So what do you think of this game? Will it be better than the rest?NickS on Star Wars: The Force Awakens BB-8 comes to Newegg! Summary. Life didnt get much better than this, Finn thought as he was woken by Poe Dameron kissing along the length of his jawIt was hard to know who was more crazy - me or everyone else. (Mad Max/ Star Wars: TFA Crossover). MAD MAX A Star Wars Story.Edgy,but still much better than the original. Some presenters are better than others. Good visual effects films have fallen by the wayside because of bad presentations.My predictions: Jurassic World Mad Max: Fury Road The Martian The Revenant Star Wars: The Force Awakens. AFIs 2015 Best Movies list has more than a few surprises amongst the obvious choices.Joining Mad Max and Star Wars in the action department was The Martian, giving a total of three out of ten of AFIs best films being set in some sort of science-fiction esque world. Mad Max: Fury Road is easily one of the best films of the year and the only blockbuster that looks like it will give it any competition this year is the long-awaited Star Wars Episode VII: The ForceWe didnt think there was a way to make Charlize Therons Imperator Furiosa any cooler than she already is The U.K.s Daily Echo probably has the most comprehensive gallery, but Making Star Wars offers a little better context.Whether Han Solo is engaged in a street race or a car chase, we can at least say that his life is looking considerably more Mad Max influenced than Luke Skywalker and his bucolic