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Leave a reply to - Sorting arrays (2D array) Need assistance.javascript arrays. Recent Questions. Twilio sending texts on android problems. Users can sort and filter an array by a string, a time range or a numeric range, count the number of rows matching a specific criteria and a lot more.countif(Object[][] data, String criteria). Returns the number of rows that meet certain criteria within a JavaScript 2d array. Arguments: Nom. i have to sort an 2D-Array with undefined length (rows) to Sort by Date.Create a function to compare the two array elements, like the answer to "Compare dates with JavaScript", and then pass your array to the sort routine built into the Array prototype. "Hi EveryOne, I have a array 2-D called myArray[Names][Values] each name having corresponding value. How to sort this 2-D myArray based on the Value.JavaScript Developers Evolve as Competition Heats Up. Strictly speaking, JavaScript does not support 2D arrays. The usual way to handle data in a 2D matrix is to create an Array object in which each element is, itself, an Array object.Maps and Collections in JavaScript and Sorting Arrays and Collections in JavaScript JavaScript Tutorial. I have a 2D array and Im using a custom sort function to sort it by column.JavaScript Guide: Indexing object properties JavaScript Guide:. Array sorting is a key development technique applied in a variety of situations.