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Tags: javascript google-maps javascript-events google-maps-markers.Problem with my click event on GoogleMaps integration - Pulling data from a JSON file. Adding multiple addListener events to a Google Map form with geocoding. I have a Google map which my users search for a location. Using the Geocoder I capture the Lat/Long and would like to trigger an event to query my database for nearby venues and return the data to my view to populate a grid list of extra results. Google map javascript api not returning the popular data. Filter marker cluster by type. Google maps does not relinquish key presses to input in shadow DOM. Google maps v3 trigger idle events exactly once. Inside each information-ion-item I want to show a google map, with data from the controller, when opened. Problem: Even after calling google.maps.event.trigger(, resize) there are still grey tiles. How do I trigger theonclickevent of a marker on a Google Maps from outside the map?I useversion 3of the API. Ive seen many tutorials for version 2, bV3 version is: google.maps.event.trigger(markers[i], click) Now in Google Maps, theres a function that we can use to trigget any event externally - google.maps.

event.trigger. How would I go about doing the same with Here maps? listen for the window resize event trigger Google Maps to update too window.onresize function() var currCenter map.getCenter() google.

maps.event.trigger(map, resize) map .setCenter(currCenter) If you look at the edges of the map when the sidebar is collapsed (only collapsed, not expanded) you can see the edge tiles flickering which means that google.maps.event.trigger(map,resize) has been fired. Ive tried google.maps.event.trigger(map, resize) and that doesnt work either. Is there a way to absolutely force Google Maps to redraw?google.maps.event.trigger(MapInstance,resize) is working fine for me, put it at the begin of the function fitMap . First an object representing google map properties is created with zoom level, map center and map type.Next are the two event handlers which will display the lattitude and longitude when the move is moved over the google map or when the mouse is clicked on the map. I need a way to trigger/fire a map touch event programmatically.According to this answer I add a fake and programmatically touch event but it not worked on a map view! Update 2: My question is totally different with Google Maps Android API v2 detect touch on map. So how to load Google Maps V3 dynamicly, on button click or tab select Main steps here are load maps APIgoogle.maps.event.trigger(map, "resize") Method usages found for method trigger. is a code search engine built by developers for developers to search and browse open source Java projects. when I run google.maps.event.trigger(map, resize) obviously I get map is not defined.I need an instance of the map to run google.maps.event.trigger( map , resize) Please try to read my original post once again in detail. trigger a call to paneschanged which should in turn call, "click", function(event) . But when I reload the map or map is re-initialized with the polygon with same variable object, the syntax google.maps.event.trigger does not run. This is my function that is using google.maps.event.trigger. Mark point Google maps custom script. Removing Google Maps Markers that are added dynamically with hover event over Chart.js Chart.The code would look like this: var marker new google.maps.Marker() new google.maps.event.trigger( marker, click ) google.maps.event.trigger(wpgeomap42, resize) But if I use a string or a variable here it doesnt workWhat Im trying to do is to get the ID of the map dynamically via jQuery and trigger the resize event of the tab is opened where I placed the map in. 2. Create the HTML5 Template and use GoogleMaps, click, function toggleBounce() . Programs interested in certain events will register JavaScript event listeners for those events and execute code when those events are received by registering addListener() event handlers on the google.maps.event namespace. Google Maps JavaScript API Tutorial - Продолжительность: 27:27 Traversy Media 145 652 просмотра.2. Markers, InfoWindow, EventListener in Google Maps API (v3) - Продолжительность: 4:42 JTechniques 17 618 просмотров. google.maps.event.trigger(map, resize) ) This doesnt take the maps center and zoom into account during the redrawing, though. Heres a simple way to address this: (.tab-container a).click(function (e) . 11. maps. event Google Maps need to click twice to get marker click event to trigger. trigger(map, I want to let user switch between maps with different nav menu without having to reload the page. trigger(map, resize) Author google. trigger(map, resize).

With these versatile new tools, youll be able to easily Hello all, Im using Qt5 for compilation.Then you need an Event Listener which will Aug 28, 2017 For a complete list of events, consult the Google Maps JavaScript API Reference. trigger(window. I have no trouble placing them on the map even using MarkerClusterer with them. addListener for the MarkerClusterer works just fine, but I just simply cant get marker addListener to trigger the event.var markerCluster new MarkerClusterer(map, markers) google.maps.event .addListener I have found that dragend event in Google Map also trigger the click event in IE. It is OK in Firefox and Chrome. Open IE/FF/Chrome console and see the result of this fiddle. How to fire Google Universal Analytics events every time Google Maps (V3) controls are used: zoom in, zoom out, terrain, satellite, street view This is standard Universal Analytics event I have tried to extend the if statement and do something like this, but it didnt seem to work: if ( "maptabs-1") . google.maps.event.trigger(map1, resize) Test your JavaScript, CSS, HTML or CoffeeScript online with JSFiddle code editor. Sep 22, 2015 by Christine Cardoso in Google Maps API[i], click) Using Maps API v3. As per Google documentation, if the map container is resized programmatically, the map resize event must be triggered manually. Resize event: Developers should trigger this event on the map when the div changes size. Ive found out the solution! Thanks to Firebug ). //"markers" is an array that I declared which contains all the marker of the map //"i" is the index of the marker in the array that I want to trigger the OnClick event //. Google Maps API v3 : Click events not triggered in firefox for custom marker. google maps api json pass array. Redrawing map based on lat and long google map. Visit Site View Image Report. Images may be subject to copyright. GEvent.trigger(markers[i], click) Thanks for your help and if you need more info, let me know! How to fire dragend event of a marker in google maps v3?Using Google Maps API v3, how do I pro grammatically change the marker icon? I assume that googlemaps api only fires the event that is bound to the top visible layer object. Is there anyone that I can trigger all three events atYou could fire the events yourself. Its covered in this post on Stack Overflow. google.maps.event.trigger(layer, click, new google.maps.MouseEvent()) doesnt work google.maps.event.addListener(markerInfoWindow, "click", function() . console.log( trigger close) ) Is there a list of events for infoWindow in documentation I missed or is there another way to make things done? This: google.maps.event.trigger(map, resize) really works. If its not working for you, you are doing something wrong or something else is not right. Either you cant access the map object (make sure its in global scope) or you trigger this event too soon. var marker new google.maps.Marker(. map: map, position: latlng google.maps.event.trigger(map, boundschanged)Youre re-defining your boundschanged event listener on the map object for every one of your markers. Instead you should only have one event listener for when the bounds change, which loops over all markers and decides whether to var marker new google.maps.Marker( map:map, position:latLng ) G. event.addListener(marker,click,function(mev).In iOS for second click on Infobox only opens alert because first click is triggering marker click. I found the solution with google.maps.event.trigger(map, resize) But when I use this in my js file inside my tabs custom code, it doesnt work, because " map" is not defined. After the map has loaded it is empty. At the end of initialize() I call google.maps.event.trigger(map, dragend) to try to call the dealWithNewWindow function so the map fills with markers, but nothing happens? Click the marker to zoom - attach event handlers to Google maps.Now we want to zoom when a user is clicking on the marker (We attach an event handler to a marker that zooms the map when clicked). Im building a map using the google v3 api because it is way faster.But, looking through the v3 API documentation, it seems as if Google has implemented click, doubleclick, mousemove, mousedown and mouseup as event triggers, but no hover, or mouseover, or mouseout. Le Vieux Montral. Note: markerArray is an array of all the markers on the map. Developers should trigger this event on the map when the div changes size: google.maps.event.trigger(map, resize) .Calling listener.remove() is equivalent to google.maps.event .removeListener(listener). Trigger the Google Map click event with javascript zoom.But when i use together click event is not working properly. google.maps. event.trigger(gmarkers[count], "click") map.setZoom(parseInt(k)) Please refer this. GoogleMaps v3 API Create only 1 marker on click.Google Map API V3 — How to prevent mouse click event for a marker when user actually has double clicked. Google Maps V3 - In tab, trigger resize on tab click, getBounds is confused about map bounds. I thought that couldve been the problem, however, when I did move the google.maps.event.trigger(markers[1], click) line to inside the function where markers was declared, nothing happened.