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Target Grade: Kindergarten to Junior High 1 This lesson is in the Teachers Set And in the new curriculum Level. Click the pictures, hear them talk!"How do you say" by Richard Graham. Hi/hello, how are you? - Hola, qu tal ests? Its only fair to sharePrevious article:How to say very beautiful in spanish, you look, woman. Next article: How do you say thank you in german, translation. How To Say How Are You In Spanish.Case Management Jobs For Nurses In Hawaii. Duman Efekti Indir. Job Interview Questions And Answers For Finance Manager. Are they saying "How are you doing?" to say hello or because they want to talk? If they just wanted to say hi then you dont want to try to start a conversation. Use the right how are you and French people will open up to you and gladly tell you about their day, thoughts and feelings. Use the wrong form and theyll tell you bien merci while youre left wondering what to say next. Vision said: Hi, everyone! Is "How do you do?" an equivalent for "How are you?" or "How are you doing?"In Spanish, could it be translated as "Mucho gusto", or "Encantado"? English Spanish Hello you Hola que To say hello. how are you? you say: Hola. Como estas?How do you make app that will be full screen and there will be only one way to get out? [Kak de-LA]. Image.

BeforeHow to say How are you doing in RussianAfter. About the word. Как дела?How to say dates fruit in Russian. Learning Russian on your own? Good job! But are you sure youre doing everything right? For example, How do you say cars in Spanish? would be Cmo se dice cars en espaol?The literal translation is, What does it want to say montaa? (Thats one that really doesnt translate well into English but native Spanish speakers use it all the time.) Hola chica. Think about how many different ways there are to say this in english and you get an idea of how many ways there are to say it in spanish. Write you favorites in english here and try to translate them. then the group can help you make sure they are correct. 10 other (informal) ways to say "How are you?" How are you doing?Visit our free site designed especially for learners and teachers of Spanish ». Question about Russian | Привет, как твои дела? Я в порядке,спасибо, доброе утро, добрый вечер, хорошего дня,что ты делаешь?|Privet, privet, kak d How are you doing? This is an enthusiastic, excited response.So how do you know whether someone really wants to know how you are, or theyre just saying "Hi"? How do you say i have a lot of homework in spanish. Lyon. Jl: 46 am home, when doing and spanish learners make sure to build more homework or two.

From a home, he figures the diary i grew up in the i was unmoved, high school. I already am familiar with Hello, how are you, did you like the tea but would like to continue to learn more.JoanneG Friday 16th of February 2007 03:52:04 AM Common Punjabi Phrases: Hi.My second phrase was "How would I say this in Spanish" and after about twenty times I learned a new 1. How do you say hi in Spanish?Related Quizzes: How cuban are you by Amanda. Spanish Days of the Week by Spanish Rach. How are you? This is a very important question and is used every day in all conversations around the world. And more importantly, there are TONS of way to say it. Japanese is no different. spanish hi how do i say no i dont speak spanish? would it be no i no hablan espaol? I used a translator but im not sure if its correct Spanish 1 How do you say these in spanish??? Please and thank you. StarWarsFan7 said: In Spanish we say "Hola!! Como estas?"its a very complicated language so be careful how you say it.hi. You can also say How have you been?, which means the same thing. Similarly, How are you? and How are you doing? basically mean the same thing and are both commonly used.Cashier: Hi, how are you? (A minute later). Cashier: Your total is 22.54. How do you so hello or hi in Spain? Hola.Answered. In English to Spanish. How do you say hi to the people doing this? Hola. You can ask how someone feels by using the polite question cmo se siente? pronounced as koh moh sahe see en tei will literally mean how do you feel? or how are you feeling?Next articleDifferent ways to Say Hello in Spanish. - Bhavtyah naam kim - Whats your name ? For female ? - bhavaan katham asti? How are you ?Learn Spanish. English phrases used in greeting and while getting acquainted. Английские фразы для приветствия и знакомства. In Spanish, how do you say "I love you too"?Answered Feb 13 Author has 1.5k answers and 1.1m answer views. How do you say "hi" in Spanish? In addition to the excellent answers already given, in Spain it is quite common to hear (and say) Qu hay? How Do You Say "There Is" or "There Are" in Spanish? 10 Types of Spanish Pronouns.13 Ways of Saying "You" in Spanish. Does Any Have a Direct Translation in Spanish. ("Hi"). Translations of "Как дела?"Spanish: cmo ests? Swedish: hur r det? Ukrainian: як справи? Vietnamese: bn khe khng? Video 2: You have several choices when saying "How are you" in Russian. Как дела? Well, weve already covered how to say Hello - we saw it in Intro 1. Can you remember what it is? Thats right, we say namaste! So after youve said that, what are you going to say next? How about maybe How are you?. Hi there! How are you doing? Нравится Показать список оценивших.Iradia, English is not the only language I know. I speak a little bit German, but Im still learning it. Also I know a few phrases in Spanish.

Action steps: Use your Spanish journal or notebook. 1. Dictation write down what you hear me say. 2. Write 2-3 dialogues between 2 people.How do you call yourself? 1 thought on Hi, how are you? Kelly says: April 12, 2017 at 8:59 pm. So wonderful- enjoying the beginning Its just a hello, they dont actually care how you are doing. Some appropriate response would be to say. Hello. How are you (without actually answering). Fine, and yourself? (doesnt matter if you are doing fine or not). English To Spanish Translation.In Spanish. Number. 1-minute Mini Spanish Lessons, translating a commonly used word or phrase. They will be posted twice a week. Enjoy! How do you say how did you know in Spanish? Heres a list of phrases you may be looking for.More Words. How to say how dare you in Spanish What is the Spanish word for howdahs? Hi , how are you - Hola. Cmo est usted? (Formal) Hola. Cmo ests (t)? (Informal) im fine - Estoy bien. (Both formal and informal). How are you doing is incorrect in every case? Guest.Hi Guest and blazya. The expression "How do you do" is used when you are introduced to someone. You can also say "Nice/Pleased to meet you" in the same situation. How do you say hello in Spanish? Well, hola. But if only it was really that simple.Theres a million different ways to say hi in Spanish, just like English. And each one is used in slightly different situations. Translated literally, this question asks, "How is it going?" The question can be interpreted as either "How are you doing?" or "Hows it going?"This version of How to Say How Are You in Spanish was reviewed by Keelan Daye on March 2, 2015. Co-authors: 12. Updated how do you say sometimes in spanish? |How Do You Say Lazy in Spanish?September 23. But how about if we ask the same question in a different way? All these questions mean how are you?, but your task is decide which is the best response.How many of these greetings are new to you? Do you know any others? How to Say It. Get fluent faster with the best resource for intermediate and advanced Spanish.How are you doing?, Hi, how do you do? Maori Marathi Mongolian Nepali Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Serbian Sesotho Slovak Slovenian Spanish Sundanese Swahili Swedish Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish Yoruba Zulu. In the United States, Hi, how are you? is almost a cultural greeting—its how we say hello.Even so, if someone asks How are you doing? then its grammatically correct to say Well. Responding and continuing the conversation. Just like in English, there are a bunch of ways you can say "hi", "how are you?" and "goodbye"How to say "hello". Well start with the greetings youll probably see in a Spanish phrase book.Yup, just as you do in English, if someone asks you "How are you?" you will usually say "good, thanks!" Saying hello in Spanish might seem fairly simplebut is it? Here are some ways to say hello in Spanish that you probably havent heard about.So for example, the sentence hola, que tal, vengo porque mi padre no me deja comer dulces todo el dia means, in English, hi, how are you, I came Here are seven different ways in which you can say How are you? in SpanishCmo est usted? (koh-moh ehs-tah oos-tehd) (How are you?) (formal)Cmo andas? (koh-mo ahn-dahs) (How are you doing? [literally: how are you walking?]) Somehow they think I know how to speak spanish because my mom said it over the phone. She did it to mess with me. Now theyll say hi and I dont even know how to say hi back. How are you doing in Spanish Cmo andas?Its a great short phrase that you can use in passing to actually say hi in Spanish or you can use it as a question/answer to someone elses question. There are plenty of occasions where you will want to ask someone What are you doing? Well explain how the different ways to say it in Korean. Spanish versionHow do you say "hi" in Russian? choose как дела привет хорошо. How many genders are there in Russian?