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.For a multi-part form you need to build one into your data using the new formData api. Also you need to use a little trick. Its OK when I try to send a simple text file: url:, method: POST, headers: content-type: multi.In the days of version 3.x of Apache Commons HttpClient, to make a POST request multipart / form-data was possible (an example of 2004). JS Tutorials. javascript.This is very common question of beginner developer, why we use enctype multipart/form-data tag with in HTML form tag, sometime we forget to mentioned enctype multipart into html form to upload file, image form etc. A library to create readable "multipart/form-data" streams.For edge cases, like POST request to URL with query string or to pass HTTP auth credentials, object can be passed to form.submit() as first parameter Content-Type: multipart/form-data boundary Part 2 describes multipart MIME. Sending Complex Types. Typically, you will send a complex type, composed of values taken from several form controls.

The following code shows how to post form data using jQuery.