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Line-height applies to all lines, even after line breaks, if you want this behavior to happen, but also need some extra spacing at the top you should use a wrapper div with anHow to align content of a div to the bottom? 1905. How do I give text or an image a transparent background using CSS? 4112. Google. Facebook. CSS vertical-align: text-bottom Ask Question.Style and text forked from aspirinemaga. .parent . width:300px line- height:30px border:1px solid red padding-top:20px Raises or lower an element in a percent of the "line-height" property.The bottom of the element is aligned with the bottom of the parent elements font.CSS tutorial: CSS Text. HTML DOM reference: verticalAlign property. Устанавливает горизонтальное выравнивание текста элемента 5. text-bottom line the bottom of all text including descenders (letters such as j, y, g etc).You can change the vertical position of images in relation to the surrounding text using the CSS vertical-align property. Pingback: How to: How to align text vertically center in div with css? | SevenNet.I want the headings to bottom align so they are same distance away from their description. Thanks.I align text vertically in the center by using line-height sometimes, but when it comes to images, no go. CSS Property: vertical-align.

The vertical alignment of an inline box or text, or table cell.Calculated in relation to the line-height.Aligns to the bottom of the text of the containing box. Change the line height of the .clear div to vary the amount of space that appears above the text.