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Suppose the larva of a certain species has an initial mass of 10 grams and grows linearly from t 0 to t 48 hours of its larval stage. If after 48 hours, the mass of the larva is 14 grams, what was its mass in grams at t 6 hours? What is the minimum number of races required to find the 3 fastest horses without using a stopwatch? This question is an interesting one.Because, what if the 5 fastest horses just happened to be in the first race so X1 X2 X3 X4 X5 are the fastest horses. The crux of the trap is that two equations are made to look different when in reality they are the same. A single line (e.g y 2x 3) will have an infinite number of solutions (i.e pairs of x and y coordinates that satisfy it) and as a result, there is no solution. posted by Electro Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 3:38pm. 1. What is the simplified form of ( 3x3y2)(5xy1)?The length of the fence is 16x7 and the width is 48x4. What is the area of the pasture? 5 x 3 equals 15 5 x 3 15 is an equation or an equality. This particular one shows the multiplication of two integers on the left and the product (the result of multiplication) on the right. [math]frac2x-12-fracx-53frac54[/math]. First we gonna bring the fractions to a common denominator, the lcm of their denominators [math]12[/math] x 1 and that in the xy-plane the line y - 4 3( x - 1) is tangent to the graph of f at x 1. Let g be the function defined by g (x) x for x 0. Which of the following is FALSE?35. In xyz-space, what are the coordinates of the point on the plane 2x y 3z 3 that is closest to the origin? Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.

- Donald Knuth. 1. What is the output of this program? include int main() . char ptr char string[] "How are you?" ptr string ptr 4 printf("s",ptr) return 0 (a) How are you? (b) are you? (c) are (d) No output. Since the CDF of X is a continuous function, the probability that X takes on any specic value is zero. This implies P [ X 3/4] 0 and P [X 1/2] 0. (If this is not clear at this point, it will become clear in Section 3.6.) Answer: As we can see in the gure, the line y 2x 7 lies above the parabola y x2 1 in the. region we care about. Also, the points of intersection occur when 2x 7 x2 1 or, equivalently Solution to Homework 5. 1. [5-2] A system consisting of one original unit plus a spare can function for a random amount of time X. If the density of X is given (in units of months) by f (x) Cxex/2 x > 0 0 x0. what is the probability that the system functions for at least 5 months? The infinite series whose terms are the natural numbers 1 2 3 4 is a divergent series. The nth partial sum of the series is the triangular number. which increases without bound as n goes to infinity.

Because the sequence of partial sums fails to converge to a finite limit, the series does not have a sum. 2. Fractions that are Whole Numbers Some fractions, when reduced, are really whole numbers ( 1, 2, 3, 4 etc). Whole numbers occur if the denominator divides into the numerator evenly.12 x 1 12 12 x 2 24 12 x 3 36 (LCD) LCD is 36. To find out, suppose (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are two points on the graph of y mx b. Then y 1 mx1 b and y2 mx2 b. Use algebra to simplify y2 y1. x2 x1 And give a geometric interpretation. Try this! 1999, CISC: Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee. the answer is 2 , if it is 3/2 then 2x-30. Was this answer useful? Yes. Reply.What is the minimum number of loaves of bread required to identify a single slow eating rat among a pack of 12 rats, given that the other rats are trained Answer: Option B. Explanation: Let the numbers be 2x and 3x.2. What is the greatest number of four digits which is divisible by 15, 25, 40 and 75 ? Here we will do more than give you the solution to 3x 2x. We will also explain and teach you how we came up with the answer, so you can understand it and solve similar problems in the future without help.So now you can multiply what are the same. In these lessons, we will consider how to solve cubic equations of the form px 3 qx2 rx s 0 where p, q, r and s are constants by using the Factor Theorem and Synthetic Division. Example: Find the roots of f( x) 2x3 3x2 11x 6 0, given that it has at least one integer root. How many solutions exist for the given equation? 3(x - 2) 22 - x.Kate begins solving the equation 2/3(6x - 3) 1/2(6x - 4). Her work is correct and is shown below. When she adds 2 to both sides, the equation 4 x 3x results. (If you werent sure, check out our lesson on the order of operations). How about this one? x3 / x2.5-4 is 1, so if you said 1x2, or simply x2, youre right. Our point of difference is that you seem to be suggesting implied multiplication should have a higher precedence than explicit multiplication? If we agree that the terms in parentheses should be evaluated first, then the query simplifies to 6/ 2x3. Using the value of A calculated above, what is the probability P (2 x 2)?Problem 2. Suppose that X is uniformly distributed on the interval (2, 3). Let Y X2. Find the density function of Y . Find the distribution function of Y . 4. What is the axis of symmetry of f ?8. Use interval notation to describe the values of x where f is increasing. Example 2. Consider the quadratic function f (x) 2x. Expand (x2 3)6. Students trying to do this expansion in their heads tend to mess up the powers. But this isnt the time to worry about that square on the x. I need to start my answer by plugging the terms and power into the Theorem. 9. Which of the following is the solution of 3(5x 2 6) 5 263?You use 8 gallons per week to water the garden during a dry spell. How much water remains in the water tank after 4 weeks? 24. What is the y-intercept of the graph of the equation 17x 1 2y 5 42? Expand (2x 3)(x - 1): (2x 3)(x - 1) 2x - 2x 3x - 3 2x x - 3. Factorising.Once you work out what is going on, this method makes factorising any expression easy. It is worth studying these examples further if you do not understand what is happening. What is the degree measure of the smaller angle formed by the hour and the minute hands of a clock at 2:50? Solution. Each "5 minutes" division correspond to a central angle of size.If 3x - 2 41, what is the value of (3x 6)? By creating 2x and 3x images, you cant expect exact same layout from each iPhone screen. The layout will be different from screen to screen. 1x, 2x and 3x image sizes dealing with only the pixel density of the screen. Here is the answer to questions like: What is 1/2 x 3/4? or how to multiply 1/2 by 3/4? Fraction Calculator. Please fill in the boxes below (inputs), then select one of the operations (, -, or )3/5 times 9/1. What are One-To-One Functions? Algebraic Test.Lemma 2. The function f is one-to-one if and only if x1, x2, x1 x2 implies f ( x1) f (x2). You might remember from math class that you can solve a polynomial equation by moving everything to one side so you have (some polynomial) 0 and then factoring the polynomial. x3 - 6x2 5x -12 could also be factored and written as (3-x)(4-x)(1x ) Now that we got the value of x, We can just simply substitute the value of x in the second equation. 10x 3 ? x 4/5 104/5 3 > 5 and 10 get canceled to 2 at the numerator. By normal multiplication and then addition, we will get, 8 3 11 Hope this helps!!!! as. 7 11. . If we wanted to refer to the vectors x2 1 and x3 1 (recall that polynomials. are vectors) we would say consider the two vectors x3 1 and x2 1. We apologize. through giggles for the possibility of the phrase two 2-vectors. 22. Solutions to Assignment 7 Math 5011, Spring 2006 University of Utah. Problems: 1. Suppose Y is uniformly distributed on (0 , 5). What is the probability that the roots of the equation 4 x2 4xY Y 2 0 are both real? (d) x4 3x2 3 Solution: Wow what was I thinking when I gave you this one? Just do Eisenstein with 3 and you win - it is irreducible over Q.0. and there you have it - we are now done. 6. Show that x4 1 is reducible over Zp for p 2, 3, 5, 7 - its actually reducible over Zp for every prime p, but proving Find the base e logarithm of each side: Move the exponents in front: (x-1 )ln(5) 2xln(3) This time, however, one of the logs does not disappear. We use the Distributive Property on the left side: xln(5) - ln(5) 2xln(3) Gather the x terms (by subtracting xln(5)): - ln( 5) 2xln(3) - xln(5) Factor out x: - ln GPA: 3.49. WE: Web Development (Computer Software). Re: If x3/4 and y2/ 5, what is the value of [permalink]. Show Tags. 2/32-5x-3/x-1 this is a very difficult problem , can you solve this ?Answer Questions. How many minutes will pass by in 1 millennium? Is the quadratic equation ( 2x-1)(x4) the same thing as the quadratic equation 2(x-1/2)(x4)? Derivatives of Exponential Functions Logarithmic Differentiation Calculus lnx, e 2x, xx, xsinx - Duration: 42:29.What is Calculus Used For? | Ex1 A line segment of length 1 is cut once at random. What is probability that the longer piece is more than twice the length of the shorter piece?For n 1, 2,, X [nU ] is the discrete random variable assuming the n values 0, 1,, n 1 with equal probabilities 1/n. x35.For example, enter 3x214 into the text box to get a step-by-step explanation of how to solve 3 x214. Try this example now! » The slope of a line like 2x is 2, or 3x is 3 etc. and so on. Here are useful rules to help you work out the derivatives of many functions (with examples below).Example: What is 5x3 ? the derivative of cf cf. A play ground 60m40m all sides extended by3m what is the extended area. Answer. Math.If the sum of the deviations of a set of value X1 X2 X3 in excel measure from 58 - 10 and the sum of deviation of the values from 46 is 70 then find its mean.

9 What are the complex roots of 1. 2. 3. 10 A linear expression multiplied by a quadratic expression always gives a cubic expression.11 If 3x 3 4x 2 -x-2 (x1)(a polynomial), what is the degree of the undefined polynomial? 2.2 1. Explain in your own words what it meant by the equation limx2 f ( x) 5. Is it possible for this statement to be true and yet f (2) 3?(b) The limit does not exist, because the right hand limit of g at x 1 is 1 but the left hand limit of g at x 1 is 2. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. sin.What are you looking for? Please enter a suggestion. There was a problem saving your suggestion. Please try again. Chapter 5. What is new? While a relatively young project, each version of Gemini Blueprint (even minor ones) offers new functionality.5.3.5. Java 2 Security Integration. Continuing the work in Spring DM 1.2. x, Gemini Blueprint executes all user code using its credentials (the managed bundle permissions). Best Answer. You need to use distributive property, then solve it like a normal equation where there are variables on both sides. 5(2x 3) 7(x 1). Turns into. 10x 15 7x 7. The solve the rest! A polynomial function is any function px of the form px pnxn pn1 xn1 p2x2 p1x p0, where all of the exponents are non-negative integers.The degree of px 3x4 3x3 5x is 4. The leading coefficient is 3, and the constant. If the remainder when the function f(x) x3 - 2x2 3kx 18 is divided by ( x - 6) has to be equal to zero, the value of k can be derived by the remainder theorem.