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The problem is that for some reason the window.location.href function is not redirecting the page at all. Ive tried method with target set to self, and that didnt work - however using target new or not specifying always works. Tags : Javascript window location href indexOf and can i fix this JavaScript with to document write on multiple location .href.indexOf. In JavaScript, window.location or simply location object is used to get information about the location of the current web pageYou can also check this page to read more about how window.location works.document.getElementById("button").onclick function(). window.location. href "https Is there a way to achieve this with better performance? Should I store each URL string I want to check for as a variable instead? if(( window.location.href.indexOf("searchTermPalmshopBycolor") > -1)) (". It is better than using window.location.href, because replace() does not put the originating page in the session history, meaning the user wont get stuck in a never-ending back-button process.

5) Using self.location. / / Window.location.

href self.location.href "Page.htm" / / show in the realization of D page.parent.location.href "Page.htm". Specifies or returns the location of the destination. Syntax: object.href You can find the related objects in the Supported by objects section below.message "hostname: " window.location.hostname "n" window.location.href not working 3639. Closed. longxianlin opened this Issue Jul 4, 2015 14 comments.Is it written in the wiki already? how do i change html file within the same nwjs context? location.href will not work at all if i have binary code. What is framebusting? Common frame busting code is made up of: < a conditional statement < a counter action. if (top ! self) top.location self.locationtop.location.href self.location top.location window.location top.location.replace( window.location.pathname) window.location.href, self, false) and it works on Android, but it also launches a browser window prior to launching the sms program on the phone. DOM Attributes DOM Console DOM Document DOM Elements DOM Events DOM History DOM Location DOM Navigator DOM Screen DOM Style DOM Window.var x location.href Try it Yourself ».access to information on job, career and professional skills development related activities announced by local and international organizations.So if you want us to completely handle your Staffing needs, please contact us through this page!