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I decided to go home early — mostly because I was broke, but also so I could spend some time re-evaluating things. For so long, I thought that the whole I quit my job to travel the world thing would become my story, too. Im quitting my stable job as a lawyer here in Raleigh, North Carolina to travel the world on my own.Once I knew this kind of travel was within my grasp, I had to go. So many people were quitting their jobs to travel for a year or more. Actually, as I have mentioned in previous posts, Ive never thought about quiting my job to go travelling.So in the end, I thought of just giving myself a breather- and quit for 2 or 3 months. But I ended up travelling instead for almost a year. A bit of my story: Last year I stepped away from a job I loved to take a break, thinking Id spend four months on the road, rejuvenate a bit, and go right back to work.More: Life Before 30 Travel Quitting job. Cultural exploration was reason number one why I quit my job to travel. Like I explained earlier about the pulse of a place and what it is its going to take time to have that understanding about a city or town. Im going to work, a lot. WOW, hold on girl. Hustling and grinding is definitely not part of any indie travel movies out there.Im not quitting my job or leaving everything behind to go splurge abroad and become a mountain fairy. Nor did I do this to find myself. Or WIBU to just fuck it all, quit my job, leave and travel with my money?If this doesnt work with your studies, another compromise could be to go for a shorter trip, say a week or a fortnight, now, and work for the rest of the summer. This series is how I traveled the world for 12 months on 12000 (30 a day) after I quit my job in the US to travel internationally.I QUIT! I left my job to travel the world :) A bit pretentious, I know but I wanted to try something new.

Im leaving everything behind to go and do what I love the most but didnt get to do often enough, travel.Perfect! Last Minute guy. There were just a few things I had to take care. A visa, my one-way ticket and actually quitting my job. What is it that no one tells you about quitting your job and travelling the world? Is it bad for my career if I quit my job and take a gap year?And lets face the fact that in this era of industrialization, there are never going to be enough jobs for everyone. Have you ever wanted to quit everything you do and go on a long, long trip, without a destination or a plan? Who are we kidding? At some point in our livesBut what would it be like without a job? But the finances? Yes, the proposition of leaving your job and travelling the world, as alluring as it sounds I made a smart decision not to go at the time. I would have had to continue working full time while going to school five days per week for a minimum of 15 months.So, I didnt exactly quit my job to travel the world in the sense that I plan to sell everything and hit the road on a year-long No, this is far more nerve wracking. Today is the day I quit my job to go on a year long travel adventure.With no home to speak of, or come back to. No job lined up. No next steps clearly defined.

Just travel. Quitting Your Job To Travel. Traditionally, the gap year has been taken between A-levels and university, or immediately after graduation.Before you go, you also need to work on building up your network of contacts in your business sector, as these people could be sources of employment when And so the trajectory of my life went like this: I was a child, a dreamer, headstrong and hard to please. Then I was a teenager, both wild and cautious, waiting for life to begin.Who was I to want more? Why Im Quitting My Job to Travel. If someone told me ten years ago that Id travel the world for a year, I wouldnt have believed it. I grew up as one of those people who had little desire to leave the comforts of home. Growing up, I can recall going on a family vacation only two or three times. When I set the appointment to give notice at work to quit my job to travel I almost immediately went numb. I stood up from my desk and my legs wobbled. I tried to send a text message to a friend and my fingers were shaking. After all, Id spend the majority of my disposable income and all my holiday allowance on going abroad. But in truth, making the decision to quit my job andI wanted to go travelling so bad that I started resenting everything that once made me so happy. Practically overnight, I started hating a job I loved. Lexie I absolutely love this post! Its like a page out of my diary from two years ago. I was in the exact same position when I quit my job to go travel. Never would I have imagined how much support Id get. Plus an offer to get my job back afterwards, too. Theyre overcome with an urge to go a certain way and they get where they need to go because of it.In 2012 I quit my job, sold my stuff, and left home to write and travel. This is a blog about discovering the world and fighting like hell for your dreams. I quit that job to go traveling twice. The first time, they said they wanted me back, the second time they said they wouldnt hold my job for me, but by then, I didnt want to work there anymore. A friend sublet my room in my shared apartment. Set a date, quit stalling and start planning. The moment we got an inkling that we were actually going to go through with our plans, we set a date.Although it can be tempting to pack it all in and take a luxurious month off before you even start travelling, its preferable to quit your job at the very last Quitting My Job. My hands were sweaty. My heart was audibly pounding, I was sure of that.So when asked why I quit a job that I loved, I get that youre going to roll your eyes when I say that it just felt right. That I wanted to travel the world. It was sunny and the trees had just started to sprout leaves the day I quit my job to travel.Now I prefer to travel slowly, really dig in my heels and get to know a country. I enjoy going back to places Ive been before and seeing them in a new light. Three months ago I decided I was going to quit my job as Head of Digital Content at a small media company and spend six months around South America.Full disclosure: Im going travelling with my boyfriend. Wish me luck! PS: Stay tuned because over the next two months, I am going to be making some big, big BIG travel announcements. I wouldnt quit my job without something fantastic lined up, would I? oga please can i have the bank job when you travel?Go abroad, most people are afraid of the unkown so they maintain the status quo, atleast you are going to improve yourself, not just to hustle,so it is certain you wont be coming back empty handed. What people who quit their jobs and go travelling dont tell you."Whats the most authentic restaurant we can go to without messing up our stomachs? What street food am I supposed to eat here? So we talk to one of our bloggers Sarah Richard about when really is the RIGHT time to quit your job and travel the world. Lets go straight in with the million dollar question I will shortly be quitting my job to go travelling for 12 months or so.On the assumption that I will be returning to Ireland in the next 12 - 24 months, should I sign on before I go travelling (and explain I am going travelling), or should I want until I get back? It seems like every week Im asked by friends, coworkers or readers when Im going to quit my 9-to-5 job and do this traveling thing full time. In 2014, I quit my job to travel. I explored four countries in five months. I felt alive and didnt really care about what would happen next because I was happyJust because you cant quit your job to travel doesnt mean you are worthless. If you want to go on vacation for just 3 days and 2 nights, go ahead. What you will learn, very quickly, if you decide to quit your job and go travelling.What I Wish I Knew Before I Quit My Job To Travel. Its been now three years since I quit my job to travel the world, yet Ive never shared here why I quit.Why did I want to travel like this and leave it all behind? How do I see this as a life? Where is home and when do I plan to go back? Thinking about quitting your job to go travelling? Tempting, isnt it? Often, though, theres so much to think about with a decision like this that you end up putting it off and never biting the bullet. Here is why you should start making plans to work, live, and travel abroad today Today I am going to talk about something that has been on my mind lately. I see so many posts along the lines of "How I quit my Job to Travel" and it has been troubling me. Just google these words This is a full compilation of the past year of travel since I quit my office job in Australia to begin travelling and working online. Since then I have been to some amazing places and I can honestly say its been the best year of my life. This is it. Im actually doing this. Im typing this while flying to Bangkok, Thailand. For the first time in my life I havent bought a return ticket. A couple months ago I quit a steady job in London, bought myself a 65L backpack and a one-way ticket to South East Asia. 1. Should I go travelling? In short, if youve been thinking about it for a while, then yes. Ive not spoken with a single person who regretted taking off to travel the world.2. Will I have to quit my job? Not necessarily. I quit my job, having no idea what I would do next.I had nowhere to go, until I met someone in Reykjavik who was headed to a small town called Vk to volunteer at a hostel. I ended up traveling with her and her sister, completely spur of the moment. But the real question is, do you really have to quit your job to travel the world?Writing was the only thing that kept me going. Writing for myself, above all. Now read carefully because this is where the I made traveling my job will come in. Im going to quit my job when we get back, I said, turning to my friend Scott. Really? I doubt that. No really, I am.

Im going to quit and travel the world, I said, turning my face back into the warm Thailand sun. So you want to quit your job and go travel? You want to escape the paralyzing constraints of the 9-5 world, but youre worried about the what if scenarios. What if I cant get another job? What if it all goes wrong? What if I regret it? Well how about I give you one more what if to consider. Getting Started,Tips Inspiration,Travel. Why I Quit My Job To Go Travelling.Im obviously not saying that everyone should just quit their job and leave the country, but what I would ask of you is to just sit back and look at your current situation. After a few years of full time employment and short jaunts overseas I have decided to quit my job and travel for an open-ended period of time.I travel 3 weeks per year instead to keep my sanity. And wonder how I would be forced to go traveling if my employer went out of business or something My story is one youve probably heard before: I quit my job to travel the world and write.Do I start popping out babies and buy a house or go home and eat a jar of Nutella? Travel seemed like a great way to get away from it all. Also, Ive always had this OVERWHELMING urge to travel but feel that it will require some long term traveling. Instead of going out of town for 4 days, I feel like i need a few months to a year or so.Should I quit my job to go travel the world? Every time I have more deliberately thought about quitting my job and traveling full-time, it has been to escape reality: terrible jobs, gut-wrenching breakups, my inner demons.Your bright spots and your ugly ones will find you wherever you go. 5 Incredibly Inspiring Bloggers Who Quit Their Daily Life To Travel The World. Want to give up your job and travel the world? You only live one! These people did it. 8 feelings I went through when I quit my job to go travelling.When I first started thinking about travelling for the long-term, I was filled with doubt. I couldnt leave my job. I didnt have enough savings.