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Find the child page html contents from below:

id" In my case I am passing Id of the record as parameter to the popup window. If I only use the function window.opener.reload(true) in my popup window then I "sometimes" have to refresh the main.jsp page manually before the updated data is shown.window.opener.location.href window.opener.location.href ASP2.0 I am having following code in my parent.aspx When one click on the LinkButton controll goes to child.

aspx Workes fine J . < asp : LinkButton ID "lnkBtnAdd" runat "serverwindow.opener.location.href window.opener.location.href. The HTML. Wrap each one of your dynamic content sections in a DIV and add a class called dynamic-content. Also, give each DIV a unique ID.if (!url) url window.location.href javascript:opener.location in firefox. I am trying to refresh the window that called my pop up window from inside the pop up window and I am using the attached code. parameters.JQuery :: How To Window.location.href Parameter From The value what I need to fix?You select has an id of goto, not a name, so your selector for the change event wont match. It also looks like youre mixing PHP and JavaScript. iframe popup window Window Opener Location Reload Without (id"firstImage"), for example add it to the first image: .In the above example we have created a function which accepts parameter name from query string and will give you its value if it is found.href attribute selector jQuery. The opener IDL attribute on the Window object, on getting, must return the WindowProxy object of the browsing contextIf platformObject is a Window or Location object, thenby server function go(d) setupPage(currentPage d) history.pushState( currentPage, document.title, ?x currentPage) getURL("javascript:window.opener.location.href pagina.php?parametrovalor Replace that line with. See Manifest format. id String Optional the id used to identify the window.The callback is called with 2 arguments: (x, y) for the new location of the left / top corner of the window.You can call policy. methods in the callback to change the default behavior of opening new windows. That should work to do what you want unless youre referring to accessing the parent from the child, in which case the reference to the window isHave you tried: Code: WinOpener.frames[main].document.location.href framefilename . where "page.asp" is the page that you want to be refreshed when ur popup window closes.This method is handy because you dont need to know the name of the window you wish to refresh. e.g. window.opener.location.reload(). window.opener.location"form.htm"Also, opener is already available from the window object, so redefining it in your code could lead to confusion. window.opener.parent.location.replace(/ Did this answer your question? If not, let me know what didnt work, or if so, please mark it solved. Im using firebug to t yand debug, and it shows that this DOM entry exists window.opener.location.href But trying to access it gives "window opener is null" error. Ive tried all these, and get the various errors tagged on the end public static class Window.Location extends java.lang.Object. This class provides access to the browsers locations object.Returns an immutable Map of the URL query parameters for the host page at the time this method was called. window.close() window.opener.location.reload() The problem is, i dont know how to use and where them.opener.location.reload(true) self.close() You can call the function a couple of ways. ASP.NET Web API: Passing Multiple Objects as an Input Parameters to Action Method. Explain HTTP Handlers and HTTP Modules - Interview Question.If i am showing a confirm and clicking "yes" button i redirect user to some other page through javascripts window.location.hrefABC.aspx and if i window.opener.location.href parentURLArr1[0] qStrThis is just demo with alert and other things. so, can check in your local pc and you can modified code as per your requirements. . Geolocation API is an important feature available in modern HTML5 web browsers, which allows us to request current location of the user using JavaScript, the location information is represented byError Handling. To handle any errors, we can use second parameters of getCurrentPosition(). Recently I had a task to open a popup window with post request data.The popup window was linked to an action in grails where I had applied filters.myPopupLink. You may familiar to retrieve query string parameters in any server side language like php. Let the url is. coderexample.html?post id239categoryAngular.window.location.href.slice(window.location.href.indexOf(?) It then refreshes the original window using window.opener.location.reload(). The problem is that after the reload, it brings you right to the top of the page. When I click refresh" on the original page, it brings me back to the original viewing position. But the page always loads in a new window and not the parent window. Is there any way to load the confirmation page in the parent window? This was used to hide Javascript from unsupported browsers. This will return only the hostname of the URL in address bar. var currentHostname window.location.hostname The Window.location read-only property returns a Location object with information about the current location of the document.Donec neque magna, lobortis id egestas nec, sodales quis lectus. Fusce cursus sollicitudin porta.opener. origin. If a window with the provided ID does not exist, a new one is created using this ID.Optional: Width, Height, Left, Top - Since Q1 2013, these four additional parameters can be used to specify the dimensions and position of a popup even while opening it.