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After removing your account from here, you will be unable to log in to your Google account. Further if you want to log in to your account for any reason like to install any app, then you can again add the same account and then you can simply sign in. Method 2: Using Android App. Guide to Add Multiple Accounts in Android.In this page, you will get two options such as create a new Google Account or add an existing one. Just, enter your User Name Password and click on Sign in. Yes, my Google account is active, and I can access my emails etc from my phone, but I cant add my phone to it, so I cant download anything from the market.I had problem to sign into Google account on my Android OS first start of my recovered mobile (SE Xperia X10 mini pro). I factory reset my android fone (samsung captivate glide, gingerbread os). after reset when i m adding my google account, it is saying username password not correct while same credentials work on my pc. moreover, i received Heres how you can add a Google account in the Google Play application on Android.4. Tap on Add Account. 5. Enter the user name and password for your Google account. Hello Friends, This is my post for Google account integration with your application, login with gmail, signup with Google account. Some important step is given below-. Step 1- Create new project say GoogleProfileDemo. Step 2- Add "Google play service" libray project. You can also add accounts to the android accounts so that you can use them with an online service.To create a Google account go to Settings>Accounts>Add Account. Select the account type e.g Google. import android.


Account import android.accounts.AccountManager import import android.content.Context importShare On Twitter Share On Google. Here,Meta-data is not added in the menifest file.It is important to add. How To Add Additional Google Accounts. Instructions below document the process on Android 4.4.2.From your Android devices home screen, go to Settings > Accounts and tap Add account. Select Google from the list. I am developing an Android application and I need to retrieve the Google account used on the phone. I want to do this for the C2DM, but I dont want to ask the user to enter in his/her Google email account if they are already logged in.possibleEmails.add( I would like to prevent users from adding Google accounts on their devices.There is no feature control option to block adding Google account for Android platform, but there is such control for Android Enterprise (see below) . Adding multiple Google accounts to your Android device is useful if you use more than one Google account for several different Google services, such as Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Then your android will be linked with the Google account. And also when you download an app from the android market, your tablet receives a command, when it has a data connection, to download the app. Thats why you need to add device to your account. We bought a new Android or perform a hard reset and after your smartphone or tablet is not added to your Google Account? The reasons for this may be many, and is now the site Guideroot we learn how to correct the problem. Unable to access Google account in Android Market on HTC Desire HD. 0.1. Cannot add Google account for Playstore, SSL not working. 0. Cant establish a reliable connection to the server google play? The process for adding a Google Account is almost always the same on all Android devices, although some might include some more additional configuration steps regarding their particular features, while others might have fewer. You can, however, choose which Google account is to be synced with the Android.If the Google account you want to use isnt yet linked, you have to add it first. On the Account settings screen, tap Add Account and then select Google. How to Add a Second Google Account to Your Android.4. Confirm your option by tapping on Remove Account. Thats it, your Google account will be completely removed from your Android device.

And because the Android OS was developed and released by Google, youll also find the Gmail app preinstalled on most Android device and supporting Gmail email accounts. If youre using Gmail as your email provider, you can add not just one, but multiple Gmail accounts on your Android. Adding Google Account on Android. Adding Google apps account is very easy on Android. You just need to follow 5 steps. In your case, this may simply help you in changing the Google Account without hard resetting your Android. Update (February 14, 2009): After following the above procedure, I noticed that though my E-mails were syncing, I could not search my E-mails. For most Android phone users, Google account is an indispensable key to download some specified applications from Google Play or sync files from phone to other emails or devices.Hence, in this case, it is essential for you to get the way to add Google account on Android device. Once you setup your Android device and link it to a Google Account, the account you used becomes the central account for your Google apps and services.Option 2 Add New Account Remove Old Account. I am trying to implement my first Android C2DM aplication. I have difficulty in adding a google account. My machine is behind a proxy, but I have added an APN with the proxy,port,username,password details. Inability to add a Google account to Android could be due to a number of reasons. Most common ones and solutions are This is because Chinese forks of Android are often not meant to work with Google accounts. When you buy a new Android phone, the first thing you need to do is to create and add a Google account on Android so as to use service that Google provides. Reasons Why You Should Have Your Own Google Account To add more than one Google account Step 1: Go to Settings and then scroll down and tap on Add account.So there you have it. Adding a second Google or any other account to your Android device is this easy. In addition, it is supposed to run on public devices (meaning that many people might use same device to access their google drive account). In such circumstances, it is unacceptable to add each users account to Android Account Manager. Thankfully, adding multiple Google accounts on Android is pretty easy. No matter if youre using a Samsung smartphone or any other Android device, you can easily configure it with multiple Google accounts. If youre new to Android and not quite sure how to manage accounts, weve described in detail as to how you can add, remove and manage Google accounts on Android devices. Related Article: Remove or Sign Out of Google Account on Android Devices. Dont worry there is a simple way to remove your Google account from Android without factory reset.Many Google Store related android error fixes require your Google account to be removed and added back. How to make a Google account and add it on Android?What is Google account and why we need a Google account on Android. If you are a Google follower, you must be very familiar with your Google account. How can I use AccountManager in Android with Google Account?How do I detect Google account deletion? Ive just started working with Google OAUTH2 in order to add a Sign in with Google button to my web site. WARNING - I will NOT be held responsible for any damages the software(s) and methods shown in this video may cause to yours or someone elses hardware Here Ill tell that how you can easily sign out Google Account and remove Gmail ID from Android 5.0 Lollipop or above version devices. How to Logout a Google Account from Android 5.0 Instead of trying to keep all of your Google accounts in order on multiple devices, why not have everything on one device? Android has made it easy to add accounts, sync accounts, and remove accounts — heres how. SimplyDroid. Your 1 Android source for android apps, android accessories and android news.When you first set up your Android smartphone you either have to log into your existing Google account or create one. Some phone users added multiple Google accounts on their Android device, but having no clue on how to remove Google account without factory reset. Tap Accounts Add account Google . Follow the instructions to add your account. If needed, repeat steps to add multiple accounts.Gaming with Google Play Games. Paid app availability. Delete or disable apps on Android. Fix internet connection problems on Android devices. Step 1 Go to "Settings" > "Account" > "Add Account". Step 2 If you have a Google account, select "Existing".With just several simple taps, you can register or add your Google account on your Android phone/tablet. When you first set up your Android device, it prompts you to add a Google Gmail account to the phone.Normally the Android does not allow you to change the primary account without deleting everything on the device. If you have changed your Gmail address, you can clear the old account When you remove a Gmail account from your Android phone, you dont need to totally deleteDelete the account from GoogleTurning off sync so you arent seeing the emails that come in Google sign-in lets users sign in to your Android app with their existing Google account and get their profile information like name, email, profile pic and other details. By integrating google plus login in your apps, you can get all the user details in one shot. Heres the complete tutorial on how you can remove or delete Google Gmail Account from any android smartphone.There would be several reasons to add a new account and to remove Google account from Android smartphone. Android has a support for multiple Google accounts. If you are a starter and Android is new to you, the good thing is you can now receive emails from your other Gmail accounts by adding it to your Android device. Each user of Android system has his own Google account. Without this account, it would be difficult to use any Android device.In this article, we will discuss how to remove Google account on Android. Whenever you need to access the People or Calendar app and want to add contacts or events you need an account. On the emulator though no account exists by default. So in this blog entry I am going to show you how to add your Google account to your emulator. You can add several Android devices to your Google account if you want to use your premium Google Play apps on all your devices without buying them again.By using a single Google account, you ensure all your Android devices are always in sync. For people who have an Android phone or tablet, it is an option to add a Google account into the device. If you add Google account, you can take advantage of the convenience it can offer. Not only will you be able to answer text messages and calls immediately After adding the new Google account on your android device, you can again get enjoy of the Google Services. So if you are looking for how to change your play store account, this tutorial will help you to do this task.