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MakeUseOf has listed what it feels like are the best five of the Linux Distros so far in 2014. Check out the selections and feel free to disagree and add your own favorite. As the year draws to a close it is a good time to reflect on the good and bad of 2014. In this article I am going to list my favourite alternative Linux distributions of the year. What constitutes as an alternative Linux distro? Danny Stieben on 24th July, 2014. Linux Mint also makes the list because it is the most popular Ubuntu-based derivative, and its also the most talked-about distribution according to DistroWatch. And now that they have a release based on Ubuntus latest LTS release My tests- best of the best. Shopping Thanksgiving? No? Tell us - Dont forget to subscribe! Support with. According to, CentOS is the third most popular Linux distro for web servers (after Deban and Ubuntu) andThe code is now available under the BSD licence, and version 3.3 (released in September 2014) came with support for the ARM architecture as well as x86. The top 1 best distro for me is whatever distro I happen to be happy with at the moment.

YMMV.This should be for new users, whichre not familar with Linux as geeks. Awefome :D. At last I found someone who agrees that lubuntu, xubuntu are NOT light weight.Ive been trying different linux distros for a while.JNFoo January 2, 2014 at 8:27 AM. One of the better Linux articles Ive read in a while - exactly addresses issues Ive spoken to with people who got into the Best Linux hacking distros in 2016. I have basically listed out various Linux distributions focusing on security. These Linux distros provide various tools that are needed for assessing networking security and other similar tasks. These 7 distros are game-changers for 2014. (Is Bodhi the most beautiful Linux distro? What about DouDou? CarlaSchroder chooses her top 7 Linux distros for 2014. The Best Linux Distros for First Time Switchers from Windows and Mac Linux | 2014-09-06. Linux has an intimidating image, making it seem like it would be difficult to start using it. MakeUseOf has listed what it feels like are the best five of the Linux Distros so far in 2014. Check out the selections and feel free to disagree and add your own favorite. Comments. Still, if you prefer benchmarks for specific tasks, you can visit benchmarking sites like Phoronix or use their benchmarking test suite on your computer. Conclusion: There is no " Best Linux Distro", there is only "Best Linux Distro for You"! It peaked at number 10 in 2014, although its current 6-month ranking is 8th.

The current version available is 9 from the website based on Ubuntu 14.04.How To Choose The Best Linux Distro For Your Needs. Essential Resources For Learning Linux. Best Linux distro 2012. IN DEPTH Our favourites for productivity, ease, security, hacking and speed. You might not have noticed, but theres more than one Linux distribution out there. Best Linux Distros 2014. If youre looking for the best Linux distros around, on this page youll find a collection of every Linux distribution that should suit your needs. Most Beautiful Linux Distro: Bodhi Linux. This is an easy choice: Bodhi Linux. August 13, 2014 at 3:43 pm. I often find that the best distro for a new user is the one that their helpful friends/mentor uses.Deepin Linux is also a great Linux for beginner and easy to use Linux Distro. Please try to add this. My top 7 picks for 2014 are nowhere near comprehensive, but they highlight important work.SUSE has always been a top enterprise Linux distro, but it is not so well-known in North America. Gaming in Linux has evolved a lot in the past few years. Now, you have dozens of distros pre-optimized for gaming and gamers.Before we start listing out the best distros, youd still need to choose one of them. 2017 has been an eventful year for many Linux distros and thus our list of the Top 10 Linux Desktop Distributions of the year, 2017 in no particular hierarchy.It has been an engaging year for the Linux and open-source community. For example, Ubuntu ended Unity 8 development as well as their plans Member Offline. Activity: 51 Merit: 0. Best Linux distro for trading?Quote from: mistercoin on October 09, 2014, 04:24:47 PM. TBH if you really want all of this, just install Ubuntu, then customize it to your liking. Best Laptop Distro: Lubuntu. Again I must go with a member of the Ubuntu family. Lubuntu flies on older, less-powerful laptops. 2014 may be the year that SUSE stops being the obscure enterprise Linux.What is the best Linux distro for Houdini to fully function?(Audio,Video drivers,etc, I want it [Download] Comments Corner Best Linux Distros 2014.Download Best Linux Distros For Beginners Fo PC Wii U PS4 PS3 Xbox One Xbox 360 With Full List Command And Cheat Files if Needed AND DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO. Linux Distro of the Year 2014. The best Linux Distribution for beginners - Vlog.The Best Linux Software. Manjaro Gnome Linux- Incredible Speed. Requested: Linux Lite 2.2 Great distro for beginners. Many Linux users are distro-hoppers, regularly moving from distribution to distribution.MISY Nyilas Why Fedora? What attributes do you like? Nov 13, 2014. Robert Alexandre1.Discoverd sabayonlinux last year, i feel well with it in personnal use! Search This Blog. The Top 7 Best Linux Distros for 2014.Best Desktop Distro: XubuntuPeople seem to forget that Ubuntu is much larger than the Unity desktop, and judge all of Ubuntu by that alone. If you want one short answer to this question (which Linux distribution is the best in 2018) - theres no such Linux, there isnt one best Linux distribution.Lastly, different Linux distros are almost different operating systems, so it all boils down to the following things youll have to consider Best Distros for Home Server are Linux-based, Why? Although Windows and OS X remain popular, Linux distros offer uncompromising flexibility.While CentOS has been in existence since 2004, in 2014 Red Hat officially backed CentOS. Welcome to my review of the top Linux Distributions of 2014! The first thing to keep in mind--the distributions are not ranked in any specific order, they are my opinion of the best options out there.Arguably the most stable, and standard Linux Distro there is. Pros Introduction. Note: Our best Linux distro for beginners feature has been fully updated. This article was first published in January 2014. For those folks dipping their toes into Linux waters for the first time, the choice of various distributions or flavours of Linux can be truly overwhelming MILK SUB 2014.Best Linux Distro for the Desktop in 2017, or How to Choose a Linux Distro. Were halfway through 2014, and a handful of Linux distributions have already made a big splash in the community. Which distributions are the best ones for this year?There are thousand of Linux Distro available on the internet.This article helps you to choose the best Linux distro for How To use ManjaroISO to Create your Own Linux Distro.Results - Best Linux OS For 2014 Is. 5 окт. 2014 в 20:11. What is the best Lightweight Linux Distro? 1. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo laptop with 2 GB RAM. My windows 7 home basic in the laptop lags so much. Cant even open the file manager easily. If am not a Linux expert, what distro suits me? NightOwl 2014-01-23 15:09:00 UTC 16. Sorry for thread jacking, but I cant seem too find a good answer for this. Whats the most recommended distro of linux for dota 2. Steam os is too big for the computer Im planning to use it in(64gb.) Edit: I think I wrote this in the wrong type of thread. Debian 10-Based Distro DebEX KDE Plasma Now Uses Latest Calamares Installer. GNU/ Linux developer Arne Exton released a new build of his Debian-based DebEX KDE Plasma distribution that updates the graphical installer to latest Calamares universal installer framework release. Linux is purely task oriented. I am listing some of the Best Linux OS distributions and its latestThese are the commonly using Linux distros for desktops. I will update this blog post with some more OS soon.13 Apr, 2014. How to delete a group from server via commandline Unix/ Linux. Distro Watch: The Best Linux Distributions For 2014 This should mean that the Linux Mint developers will have a lot more time to focus on Linux Mint-related. While Distrowatch is not the best way to track actual numbers of users of any given Distro heck, its not even the second best this certainly shows theBut, as with the Linux-powered Ubuntu Phones, it just never shipped. The failure to launch in 2014 (as planned) isnt the end of the world, though I wondered if there was a "best" distro recommended in regards to 1) ease of installation 2) stability and 3) ease of future upgrades.It is a bit of a personal preference at this point. Ubuntu is definitely the most stable distro that is supported and mainstream. While we think its the best Linux distro currently available, its not perfect for every situation." Which distribution is your favourite so far in 2014? Leave us a comment with your selection below. Best Distro 2014. Is your current Linux distribution really the best in town, or are you missing something even better? Linux Voice Feature.There is a certain logic to saying that the best distro for people like this is Arch Linux. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Stumbleupon. Whatsapp. Email. Advertisement. Were halfway through 2014, and a handful of Linux distributions have already made a big splash in the community. Which distributions are the best ones for this year? Lets take a look. Ubuntu. 11 answers Last reply Nov 12, 2014 Best Answer Nov 11, 2014. More about distro learning linux terminals.Related Resources. solved best linux distro for 6 year old laptop. Thursday Oct 9th 2014.So here we go: you might be using the wrong Linux distribution. Or to put it more diplomatically, you might not be running the distro thats best suited to you. Muhammad Usman February 6, 2014.In reality you can not exactly pinpoint one best Linux distro for something. As a matter of fact, the real beauty of Linux derives from the diversity it offers since it is easy to customize Linux and tweak it for any specific purpose, function or taste. 2. Best Linux distro for old hardware: Ubuntu MATE. For people who believe in the importance of internet security, seeing Windows XP running around in government offices and banks is frustrating. Kali Linux (formerly known as BackTrack Linux) announced the release of Kali Linux Version 1.0.6 on January 9, 2014.

Kali Linux is a Debian based distribution specially focused onIve been a user since its initial release after I transitioned from another source based distro called Sorcerer. Today i select 10 top best linux distro 2014 for netbooks, notebooks, and desktop computer. Among the many Linux distributions declined around , here are a dozen that could do well to speak of them in 2014. Linux Distros Softpedia. The Best Linux Distro Of 2014 Tuxradar Linux 720 x 404 jpeg 51kB. Watch The Best Linux Distributions For 2014 | 2016 Car Release Results - Best Linux OS For 2014 Is. Linux Does What Win Dont Part 2. My Top 10 Favourite Linux Distros. Beautiful Deepin 15.5 - Part One. Linux Mint vs Netrunner - Linux Distro Reviews.